“noctilucent” by Matthew Pfaff

Bomer, Grace Carol_Song of the Nightengale
Grace Carol Bomer (Canadian American, 1948–), Song of the Nightengale, 2018. Mixed media, 24 × 18 in.

father, fill me w/ beauty
& call me beyond

to a training in weight & grandeur
& the glory of small birds.

& father, teach me yr depths & yr heights
& the silences that fill you

and fill me! pull back the tatter of ribs
& take out the stone that sits there,

replace it w/ the gospel
of dawn birds—father, if only

the right words were here this world
would be born anew—what is this thing

you’ve placed in me that shines
w/ precarious substance?

“noctilucent” by Matthew Pfaff was originally published in Rock & Sling in 2013.

4 thoughts on ““noctilucent” by Matthew Pfaff

  1. I just read this poem to Tim on our drive home from an event – we loved learning that there’s a name for those luminous night cloud, and we loved all the words of the poem, and your artful pairing with such an ethereal visual. Tim asked me if I correspond with you and I said I mean to every day! and he said why not just do it now so I am!

    Thank you for the gifts you send so frequently in these posts and musings.

    Blessings! Ellen


  2. +J.M.J+ Amazing! I have never read poetry quite like that! Beautiful artwork too! Thank you for posting!
    Your brother in Christ,


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