Since January 2016 I have been providing weekly content on this website that remains free (and ad-free), with the hope of carving out a quiet corner of the web where people can come and sit for a moment and experience the beauty, goodness, and truth of God. As of now my role is mainly curatorial, and I am indebted to the many wonderful artists and content creators whose work awakens me more fully to the gospel in its many dimensions; I hope you follow the links to their websites and support them as you’re led and able. But even curation of these works takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.

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People sometimes ask me how many hours a week I spend on this blog, and the answer is—a lot! The number isn’t quantifiable, because Art & Theology is the result of many cumulative hours of reading, researching, compiling and organizing and summarizing, scanning and transcribing, writing, corresponding with artists, securing text permissions, visiting museums and churches, attending conferences, watching online lectures, taking and editing photographs, maintaining social media pages, formatting posts, and so on. Because I’m not affiliated with an academic institution and have no sponsor, none of these tasks or activities are billable, and they mean time away from paid copyediting jobs (my primary income source). I also spend a few hours weekly responding to emails from readers—pastors, seminarians, professors, high school students, artists, liturgists, journalists, choir directors, homeschool teachers, cover designers, and others.

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Another way to contribute to my work, if you don’t have a PayPal account, is to buy me a book from my Amazon wish list. Books feed my research and shape my spiritual and theological development, and what I’m reading often impacts what I cover on the blog. Please note that wish list items do not equal endorsements. Again, many thanks for your patronage.