Lent, Day 9

LOOK: Walking Together by Chunye He

Chunye He_Walking Together
Chunye He (Chinese, 1968–), Walking Together, 2018. Ink on rice paper, 67 × 43 cm.

This Chinese ink-wash painting is from Matter + Spirit: A Chinese/American Exhibition, the product of a 2018 gathering in Beijing of North American and Chinese art professors, sponsored by the Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity. According to curator Rachel Hostetter Smith, He’s piece, which shows two dragonflies flying in tandem, is “a poetic rendering of the way family, friends, and God ‘walk alongside’ us especially in times of trouble and loss.” It is stamped in red with the Chinese character for “earth,” which happens to be shaped like a cross.

LISTEN: “Teach Us Your Ways” by The Porter’s Gate, on Neighbor Songs, 2019

This song was written by Leslie Jordan, Aaron Keyes, Orlando Palmer, Isaac Wardell, and Paul Zach of the Christian music collective The Porter’s Gate. The Spotify link is to their studio recording from 2019, whereas the YouTube video is a 2020 virtual performance by musicians from Whitworth Campus Ministries in Spokane, Washington.

Teach us Your ways, teach us Your ways
As we learn from one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us Your ways

Teach us to give, teach us to give
Give ourselves for one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us to give

Teach us to weep, teach us to weep
Let us weep with one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us to weep

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Let us learn from one another
Learn to love each other
Teach us Your ways

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