Christmas, Day 1: Burst of Light

LOOK: STAR/KL by Jun Ong

Jun Ong_STAR/KL installation
Jun Ong (Malaysian, 1988–), STAR/KL, 2021. Installation of 111 LED beams, Air Building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Installed in a former warehouse in Malaysia’s capital city, this site-specific work by Jun Ong consists of 111 LED beams fashioned into a starburst that radiates out from the center of the building. The explosive light coming from an abandoned cave-like structure is evocative of Christ’s Nativity.

LISTEN: “Joining in the Joy” by Coram Deo Music, on Swallowed Up Death (2015) | Words by Megan Pettipoole | Music by Luke and Megan Pettipoole

Founded in 2005, Coram Deo Music is a consortium of worship musicians and songwriters based out of Coram Deo Church in Omaha, Nebraska.

Darkness settled over our weary heads
Then pierced by a great and heavy light
A child, a Son, has made glorious the way

A child is born

Our forests felled by your hand against us
But a shoot sprouts from the stump foretold
Peace and truth and justice are its fruit

A child is born

A day is coming when the earth, it will be full
We’ll join together, God with man
Peace and truth we’ll pursue

Joining in the joy
Joining in the joy of redemption

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