“Saint Francis Endeth His Sermon” by Louise Imogen Guiney

Ribeiro, Osvaldo_St. Francis I
Osvaldo Ribeiro (Brazilian, 1950–), St. Francis I. Oil on canvas, 70 × 50 cm.

“And now, my clerks who go in fur or feather
Or brighter scales, I bless you all. Be true
To your true Lover and Avenger, whether
By land or sea ye die the death undue.
Then proffer man your pardon; and together
Track him to Heaven, and see his heart made new.

“From long ago one hope hath in me thriven,
Your hope, mysterious as the scented May:
Not to Himself your titles God hath given
In vain, nor only for our mortal day.
O doves! how from The Dove shall ye be driven?
O darling lambs! ye with The Lamb shall play.”

This poem appears in Happy Ending: The Collected Lyrics of Louise Imogen Guiney (Houghton Mifflin, 1909) and is now in the public domain.